Other data sources

Other data sources#

This page provides information about alternative sources for obtaining irradiance data. It should be noted that the data sources mentioned on this page are not a part of the main station catalog. The main reason for that is that their data are of lower quality, either due to lower quality instruments for measuring irradiance or because the data are the output of some model (i.e., reanalysis datasets). Nevertheless, due to the limited coverage of the station catalog, these sources of data can still be useful for certain applications.

  • Major research stations in Antarctica has irradiance data for Antarctica for 2008. The provided data is a combination of measurements from permanent research stations, temporary field stations, ships, satellites, and automated ground instruments that monitor conditions in remote locations.

  • Ladybug simulation tool has a collection of EPW/TMY weather files with global coverage.

  • Reanalysis datasets is a website that provides researchers with help to obtain, read and analyze reanalysis datasets created by different climate and weather organizations.

  • CANSIM is a Canadian network with 7 stations measuring spectral irradiance using Spectrafy sensors.

  • Eye2Sky (link_1, link_2) is a network of all-sky cameras near Oldenburg, Germany. A third of the stations are equipped with a rotating shadowband irradiometer (RSI) for measuring solar radiation.

  • Oklahoma Mesonet is a network of weather stations equipped with LI-COR pyranometers. Information about this network is also given here.

  • German Weather Services - Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) operates a network of 120 sites measuring global horizontal irradiance and diffuse irradiance with thermopile pyranometers with a resolution of 10 minutes. Data can be downloaded from here

  • Natural Resources Canada operates a small network of LI-COR pyranometers for measuring solar radiation in two locations in Canada.

  • The Global Solar Atlas is a global reanalysis dataset funded by the World Bank Group and created by the company Solargis.