Station listing#

This site provides an overview of available solar radiation monitoring stations worldwide and metadata of the stations.

The current version of this catalog is in a draft phase, so many stations are not yet shown.

import pandas as pd
from itables import init_notebook_mode, show

stations = pd.read_csv('../solarstations.csv', encoding='latin1').fillna('')

# Format station as hyperlinks if URL is available
for index, row in stations.iterrows():
    if row['URL'].startswith('http'):
        stations.loc[index, 'Station full name'] = f'<a href="{row["URL"]}">{row["Station full name"]}</a>'
del stations['URL']  # Remove the URL column to avoid cluttering the site

# Show table with stations (all rows)
show(stations.reset_index(drop=True), scrollY="700px", scrollX=True, scrollCollapse=True, paging=False)
Station full name Abbreviation State Country Latitude Longitude Elevation Time period Network Owner Comment Data availability Tier Instrument Components
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